Handless Millionaire


A great online game, where instead of answering stupid questions you grab money throught the guillotine. Works well on mobile as well as on a desktop. The first version of this game appeared in 2011 as flash game. It has now become quite popular and returns as an online game.


Click (or tap) your mouse on the hand on the right side of screen. This is the safe zone for your hand. When you are ready to grab money (when the timing is right! Watch for patterns) drag the hand though to the money and quickly back into the safe zone. You need a little time to grab the money so do not pull it back too fast or you get nothing. You will know if you were too slow… How much money can you aquire in one round? Submit your name to our Highscore Board to show us. Or try to pass all Rounds and become a champion.


Each round guillotione has a random “hits-pattern” with one pause in it. Pause duration is shorter each round. The count of hits in a pattern growns each round, but random counts can be added for each round attempt. Each repetition pattern has some percent of randomization for each hit, so its really not always predictable.


Can i play fullscreen? there is a “fullscreen” button at the right top corner of game screen. Mobile version goes fullscreen automaticly on first click. But if its not working, it’s most likely because you are using an iOS device.