Zombie Hunters arena

Game Zombie Hunters – arena online.

Online multiplayer zombie shooter game. Its works well on mobile as well as on desktop. I do not recommend you run it on mobile Safari. I do not recommend you run any games on mobile Safari. I do not recommend you mobile Safari at all.

How to play:

use arrows keys to move hero, and mouse to shoot zombies. After you have destroyd enought zombies you will get powerup. Be aware of touch zombies, if they will eat you – you will lose your levelups and gun. But you will not need to restart from first map.

What’s new:

Mobile joystick fix. Moving direction is smarter now.

New map 11 “THE CHOICE”. Are you lucky? You can check it here. Choose one of the two rooms, and lets see if you loser or not. Good luck zombie hunter.

New map 10 “POWER UNIT”. Destroy all Power units to open portal.

Map 9 “SLOW LANDS” added. Glue floor slows down all the players, but zombies walk fine through it.

html5 version is here.

Map 8 “DEVOURER”. You have to wait until portal opening, but big danger boss will try to eat you earlier.

Map 7 “DEMON’S POCKET”. Try to survive in small room with hordes of zombies. What about me, I`m doing it easily.

Map 6 “NO WEAPON ZOMBIE”. Same zombies, same you, but no no weapon to protect yourself. Get to portal without gun, and only use bonuses to explode zombies.

Map 5 “CAVE OF KINGS”. Here is a lot of work waiting for you. Find and repair four generators to open portal. Looks impossible, but not for real hero.

Map 4 “CATACOMBS OF EVIL”. Exit from this place is locked. You have to collect 5 cards to open portal. Narrow passages between rooms, spreaded with chainsaw, makes this mission evilly danger.


Map 2 “DOOM BASE”. Repair generator to open portal.

Map 1 “ENTRANCE POINT”. Training map for beginners. Portal to other worlds opens each 30 seconds.


Sometime on map spawn bonuses:

• FIRST AID KIT – restores health points to maximum. Usually user have 100 health points, but best players could got 130 health points.

• GRENADE – the best bonus in game. Destroys all small zombies around. With grenade you can take powerups in no time.

• ARMOR – gives shield equivalent to 100 health points. If shield was already 100 point or more, it’s adds 10 points to current shield`s amouтt.

• REGENERATION – player slowly restores his health points. Regeneration increases restoring speed. If you will take a lot of regeneration bonuses, you can become almost invulnerable.

• CHAINSAW – temporary replaces your gun with deathbringer (wait a minute, zombies are dead already?) chainsaw. Its destroys big zombies as fast as bubbles. But its not easy to dial with chainsaw when its touches walls.

• PASS CARDS – very rare bonus. Portal will be opened only after you collect all pass cards on the map.


• Can i play fullscreen? there is “fullscreen” button at the right top corner of game screen. But if you don’t see it, most of all it maybe because you use iOS device to play Zombie Hunters arena game. Apple do not allow users to play web games in fullscreen. I agree, it is terrible.

Have a good game.